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Shallow Pond Aeration Kit For Ponds up to 1/4 Acre

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Pond Air 100 Aeration Kit - For Shallow Ponds Up To 1/4 Acre - 6' Deep

The Pond Air 100 Aeration Kit provides excellent aeration for shallow ponds up to 1/4 acre in size. Adding a Pond Air 100 aeration kit to your pond will help to naturally reduce muck and sludge accumulation on the bottom, resulting in better water clarity and reduced algae blooms and weed growth. These aeration kits can also be used in winter to maintain a hole in the ice to allow proper gas exchange.

The AP-100 Linear Diaphragm Compressor
These compressors operate on standard 115V electric and come with a 6' power cord. The non-oil lubricated motor is designed to operate efficiently provide years of dependable service. It comes with rubber mounts to reduce noise and vibrations to ensure a whisper quiet operation. Using only 100 watts of electricity while delivering 5.3 cubic feet (149 Litres) per minute, these air pumps are very energy efficient and cost effective to operate. The AP-100 is designed for outdoor applications and has a weatherproof housing, however, if you operate it during the winter, it is recommended that it be enclosed to protect it from the elements.

Alumina Diffusers
The 2 included 8" self-weighted alumina aeration differs / air stones are extremely durable, long lasting and can be repeatedly cleaned as necessary. They produce fine bubbles which increases surface area and circulation through the water column with minimal back pressure.

Weighted Tubing

The high kink free weighted airline will automatically sink to the bottom of your pond so it is out of sight and will not interfere with recreational activities such as swimming, fishing or boating. Plus this high quality airline is made in Canada.


  • For ponds up to 1/4 acre - maximum 6' deep
  • Includes (2) 8" diameter air diffusers
  • Includes 100' of 3/8" weighted airline tubing
  • Delivers 9100 cubic inches/minute / 5.3 CFM / 149 Litres/minute
  • Energy efficient using only 100 Watts
  • 6' cord length
  • Whisper quite operation
  • High volume with steady air flow
  • No lubrication necessary
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