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Large Pond Assessments and Consulting

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Large Pond Assessments and Consulting

Large Pond Assessments & Consulting

If you have a large, natural pond that is overgrown with weeds or algae, or has cloudy or green water,  you are not alone. Once ponds reach about 10 years of age, weeds and algae often begin to overtake the pond, sludge and muck accumulate on the bottom and foul odours become more noticeable. In short, what was once a focal point of your property is now becoming an eyesore. If you aren’t sure what to do to fix the problem, or even where to start, look no further.

We provide professional pond consultations and complete pond assessments to determine the cause of the issues your are having with your pond. We also offer effective pond treatments, install floating fountains, aeration systems and even offer large pond maintenance and custom treatment programs.

Whether you use your pond for swimming, fishing, recreation or just appreciate its natural beauty, we can help. 

Markets Served

With over 25 years of experience in the pond industry, we have developed a thorough understanding of the many factors that affect the water quality, water clarity, and overall health pond and lake ecosystems.

We bring our knowledge and expertise to each project to provide you with tried & tested solutions to bring you the best possible results and revitalize your pond.

Here are some of the markets we serve:

  • Pond & Lake Management
    We offer a wide range of products and services such as pond treatments, pond aeration & circulation options as well as floating fountain installation to help improve and maintain the ecological balance of lakes and ponds
  • Stormwater Retention 
    Because stormwater retention ponds are often shallow, they present unique problems. We have many solutions to help improve the water quality, clarity and odour.
  • Municipalities
    We provide municipalities a wide array of customized solutions to help manage resources efficiently and sustainably.
  • HOA’s – Home Owner Associations
    We provide a range of products and services customized for each homeowners’ association to maintain your ponds in great condition.
  • De-icing
    Our de-icing options are designed to keep pond surfaces free from ice and prevent damaging ice buildup away from docks, boat slips and other structures.
  • Farm Operations
    Agricultural ponds require specific water management solutions. We offer naturally effective pond treatments & products.

Your Pond Assessment

Our pond assessments are very thorough, and include the following:

Pond Measurements

By taking accurate measurements of your pond, length, width and depth, we are able to get a profile of the pond, as well as determine the volume of your pond. This is very important if pond treatments need to be added in the future.

Water Quality Testing

Once we collect water samples, we test the following important parameters: pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, alkalinity & hardness. We also measure the dissolved oxygen at various depths in the pond to get a complete picture of  the water quality and overall health of your pond. 

Plant Identification

By identifying any submerged, floating or emergent pond plants/weeds, we are able to develop a suitable strategy to deal with them.

Assessing Your Pond

Large Pond Water Quality Testing

Water Testing

We test the following parameters in your pond: pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, alkalinity & hardness. The levels of these important parameters help us to get a complete picture of  the water quality and overall health of your pond. 

Large Pond Consulting & Assessments

Depth Measurement

We take accurate measurements of your pond, including length, width and depth so that we are able to get a defined profile of your pond, as well as determine the surface area and volume of your pond.

Pond Weed Identification

Weed Identification

We take the time to identify all the aquatic plants and weeds in your pond. Knowing the species of plants or algae, and the conditions they thrive in, helps to determine the correct course of action to reduce their growth and prevent future outbreaks.  

Dissolved Oxygen Testing in Large Pond Surface

Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

The amount of dissolved oxygen plays an import role in the health of your pond. Because oxygen levels vary greatly between the surface and the bottom of ponds without proper circulation, we take measurements at various depths in your pond to get the overall oxygen profile. 

Large Pond Assessments Equipment

Assessment Equipment

We don’t just work from the shore of your pond. To perform a complete assessment, we use an small boat to take the measurements we need. We take pride in using our years of experience, combined with the best equipment to provide the best assessment of your pond. 

Large Pond Aeration System Design

Aeration System Design

One of the most effective, and long-term solutions to promote a healthy pond is to add a subsurface aeration system. Surface area, depth, and shape of a pond are all important factors we take into consideration when designing an effective aeration system for your pond. 

Your Pond Assessment Results

We send you an email with the results of our findings:

1: Results

The email will include the results of the water testing, pond measurements, plant identification, and any other pertinent information that we discover about your pond.   

2: Recommendations

Most importantly, we include solutions to remedy the problems or issues in your pond. We offer a variety of options that include both short-term, and long-term solutions. 

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