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905-715-2447 Winter Hours: By Appointment Only 3301 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON Canada

Pond Assessment & Consulting Services

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Pond Assessment & Consulting Service

We have been in the pond business for over 25 years, specializing in ponds of all shapes and sizes. We have expertise in pond design, large pond assessment and rehabilitation, koi and goldfish health, aquatic plants, pond pumps and pond filtration equipment. With this experience, we can provide expert pond consulting services.

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Large Pond Assessment & Rehabilitation

Large natural ponds, farm ponds or retention ponds often accumulate leaves, muck and other organic debris. This layer of organic sediment increases in depth each year, consuming oxygen and releasing nutrients into the pond that cause poor water quality, clarity and increased weed growth. An typical indicator that a pond has a heavy layer of sludge is that it becomes overgrown with filamentous algae such as spirogyra or chara.  There are many solutions that can reverse these effects, such as floating fountains, diffused aeration systems and natural bacterial additives.  We can  assess your pond and suggest the proper course of action that will greatly improve the appearance of your pond.

Learn more about our Large Pond services

Pond Maintenance Services

From time to time, ponds need a good cleaning, makeover, or just a bit of a sprucing up. We offer aquatic plant landscaping, design and planting (including perennial, tropical and oxygenating aquatic plants) for small and large acre ponds. We also provide aquatic plant maintenance: trimming, pruning, splitting, potting and re-potting services.

Pond Design Services

We can design ponds of any size, from pondless waterfalls, water gardens or koi ponds. We will design a properly functioning, low maintenance pond with a properly sized filtration system. Although we no longer build ponds, we can recommend a professional pond installer in your area that will build your pond right.

Fish Health Consulting

Occasionally even the most seasoned pond keeper can have problems with sick koi. Fish disease is often linked to poor water quality, which stresses the fish enough to make them vulnerable to parasites and bacteria that are naturally found in the water. Fish that are unusually lethargic, gasping at the surface, sitting on the bottom, have their fins clamped close to their bodies, or segregate themselves away from the rest of the other fish are all signs of problems. If noticed and acted upon quickly, disasters can usually be avoided. If left untreated, serious and devastating outbreaks of parasites, fungus, ulcers or or other bacteria infections can wipe out a pond full of fish.

What we will do:
  1. Discuss the situation to find out possible causes: changes in maintenance routine, recent power outages, accidental introduction of chemicals etc.
  2. Test water quality to see if something it could be the cause – suggest solutions
  3. Do a skin scraping of one or more fish and use a microscope to check for parasites.
  4. Recommend and dose medications

Filtration Upgrade Design Consultation

Sometimes the filter that once worked well, is no longer adequate for your pond. As fish grow and multiply, the increased bio-load now overloads filters that may have once been adequate. Or maybe you are looking for a filter that is much easier to maintain. Whatever the situation, we can provide several different options to give you the results you want.

Water Quality and Clarity Issues Consulting

Occasionally, ponds go through stages of rampant string algae growth, poor water clarity or water quality issues. We will do a thorough inspection of the pond design, equipment, filtration, fish load, maintenance practices etc. to determine the possible causes and recommend solutions.

We basically service anywhere within a 2 hour of Toronto / GTA. If you would like us to come and take a look at your pond please contact us via the form below.
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