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905-715-2447 Summer Hours: Open Wednesday to Saturday 10:00 am - 5:oo pm 3301 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON Canada

Pond Advice & Tips

Pond Advice & Tips

Tips and ideas to help you make your pond look its best

One thing new and even experienced pond owners need from time to time is pond advice. We have years of experience in all aspects of pond keeping. Chances are, that if it can happen, it has probably happened to us, and we have found a solution to the problem. We have taken the time to write down some helpful pond advice, tips and information on some of the more common questions that people ask us.

Algae - & How to Control It

eliminating algae in the pond

Algae in the Pond – Algae is one of the most common pond problems. Here are a few effective ways to solve get rid of algae.

green pond water fix

Green Pond Water Fix – an in depth look at controlling one of the most irritating types of algae that grows in ponds.

Pond advice Clear water plants

Clear Water Plants – a guide to the most effective aquatic plants to keep your pond water clear naturally.

Fish Tips - Advice & Information on Koi And Goldfish

pond advice and tips Hydrosphere Water Gardens

Acclimating Pond Fish – An informative video with tips on choosing and acclimating your new pond fish in your pond.

Portable koi tub

Bringing Koi & Goldfish Indoors For Winter – In colder climates, bringing you pond fish inside for the winter is an option you might want to consider

feeding koi at different temperatures

Feeding Koi At Different  Temperatures – Temperature plays a very important role in how much, how often and the type of food you feed your pond fish.

keeping pond fish

Fish In The Pond – Here is some information about some of the more common varieties of fish that people keep in their ponds

train your fish to eat from your hand

How To Train Your Fish To Eat From Your Hand – Your fish will be eating from the palm of your hand after reading this.

how to treat ulcers in fish

How To Treat Ulcers In Koi And Goldfish Red sores / ulcers can be very dangerous to fish if not treated, luckily they are not hard to treat if caught early

important pond temperatures

Important Pond Temperatures in Spring – Spring is a critical season for your pond, especially with regards to pond temperatures and koi and goldfish.

adding new fish to your pond

Introducing New Fish To Your Pond – Adding fish to   your pond can be risky, but not if you follow the proper procedures

koi anatomy

Koi Anatomy –  A diagram of a koi with the external features  labelled

fish disease diagnosis and treatment

Filtration Tips - Advice & Information on Filtration, Pumps and More

pond filtration Hydrosphere The Pond Experts

Filtration – a brief introduction to pond filtration basics

ammonia nitrogen cycle in ponds

Ammonia in Ponds or Aquariums – The Invisible Killer – Learn more about Ammonia, causes, effects and how to lower it in your pond

choosing the correct size pond tubing

How to Choose The correct Size Pond Tubing – Choosing the correct diameter of tubing is crucial in how well your pump will perform.

how to increase pond filtration

How to Increase Your Pond Filtration – a few techniques to increase the filtration capacity of your existing pond filter

how to select a pond pump

How To Select A Pond Pump – Tips on what to look for in a pump and how to select the proper size.

Miscellaneous Pond Tips

install LED pond lighting system

How To Design LED Landscape and Pond Lighting Systems – Create a beautifully lit backyard or pond with a few easy steps 

how to plant water lilies

How to Plant Water Lilies – Tips on how to get the biggest blooms from your water lilies

how to join EPDM pond liner

How to Join EPDM Rubber Pond Liners – a step-by-step guide about how to properly join pond liner

pond calculator

Pond Calculator – Easily calculate your required pond liner size, recommended pump size and pond volume with this handy calculator  

pond design tips

Pond Design Tips – A few tips and ideas you should consider if you are planning to build a pond

spring pond cleaning

Spring Pond Cleaning & Pond Start-Up – Here is a step by step guide to follow when opening your pond in the spring

Water Lilies For shaded Ponds – A list of hardy water lilies that will grow and bloom in partial shade

winter pond preparation

Winter Pond Cover Design – Here is a description of how to build a winter pond cover.

how to build a winter pond cover

Wintererizing Your Pond  – Here are a few pointers to help you get your pond ready for winter

Large Pond Tips on Weed & Algae Control, Aeration & More

pond subsurface aeration

Large Pond Aeration – The Key to a Clear Natural Pond – explaining the many benefits of subsurface pond aeration 

how to size an aeration system

How to Size an Aeration System for a Large Pond – an detailed look at how pond size, depth and shape affect the type of subsurface aeration system needed for a pond   

pond weed identification guide

Large Pond Weed & Plant Identification Guide – a guide to help you identify the most common pond weeds 

submerged pond weeds

Large Pond Weed Control – a look at submerged, shoreline and floating pond weeds and how to control them.,  

chara pond algae

Large Pond Algae Control – algae can be a pond owners worst problem. Here is a look at the different types of algae and how to control them. 

large pond muck and sludge

Large Pond Muck & Sludge Control – muck, sludge and organic debris are the biggest cause of water clarity problems and escessive alge growth in ponds. Here’s how to effectively reduce the muck in your pond