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Water Lilies For Shaded Ponds

Water Lilies For Shaded Ponds

While water lilies typically grow the best foliage and produce the most blooms when grown in full sun, there are some varieties that perform well in partially shade.  Most water lilies need a minimum of 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, preferably between mid morning and mid afternoon when the light intensity is the strongest.

water lilies for shaded ponds

Ideally you should try to place your water lilies where they receive as much direct sunlight as possible, either by moving them to one end of the pond that gets the most light or trimming overhanging tree branches. Partially shaded conditions might include receiving dappled sunlight, or receiving sunlight only in the morning and afternoon or even dappled sunlight throughout the day. Whatever the conditions might be, here are some of the water lilies that will grow and flower with less than optimal light conditions