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Pond Photos

Pond Photos


pond lotus photos

With their huge leaves help high above the water and beautiful blooms, lotus are truly the most spectacular pond plants. 

Koi Underwater View

Here is a different view of some koi koi taken with an underwater camera.

koi underwater view

More photos of some koi koi taken with an underwater camera.

Hardy water Lilies

No pond is complete without water lilies. Not only do they provide shade for your pond, but they also produce beautiful blooms all summer long. They come in many vibrant colours such as red, pink, yellow, peach, white and many shades in between.

Frog photos

It’s always fun to spot frogs around the pond, Here are some pictures of various frogs we spotted around our ponds

koi feeding

It’s seems like koi are always hungry. These koi are no exception, they come right out of the water for their food!

Tropical water lily photos

Tropical water lilies come in all colours and shapes and are very fragrant. The flowers of many varieties stand several inched above the water, making an outstanding display. Some even bloom at night.

waterfall photos

Waterfalls are the focal point of ponds. The sounds of trickling water create a soothing atmosphere and almost instantly relax you.  

Hand feeding koi

With some patience and practice, you can train your fish to eat right out of your hand like these koi.

winter pond photos

Although winter isn’t most pond keepers favourite season, you can still enjoy some of the beautiful ice formations around the pond and waterfalls  

koi and goldfish photos

Some photos of domestic koi. Japanese koi and goldfish that we have had available for sale over the past few years.