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Japanese Koi

Japanese Koi

Why  Choose Japanese Koi For Your Pond?

Japanese koi are the best quality koi available. Japanese koi colours are more rich and vibrant, their patterns more defined and well balanced compared to domestic or other koi imported from other countries. Most breeders in Japan specialize in breeding only a few varieties of koi. This allows them to concentrate their efforts on producing fewer fish but at a higher quality. Many koi farms in other countries try to provide many or all of the varieties and focus on quantity over quality.  We import our koi directly from Japan from some of the best breeders. We have an outstanding selection of koi ranging from 4″ up to 22″. We offer a wide range of varieties of Japanese koi including the favourites such as Showa, Sanke, Yamabuki and Utsuri. We also stock some of the harder to find varieties such as Goshiki, Goromo, Ochiba, Kumonryu and Tancho.

If you would like to  learn more about the many different types of koi, visit our Koi Varieties Guide. 

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We quarantine all our new arrivals and inspect them before they are allowed to be sold. We only import koi from respected breeders that are regularly tested for KVH and SVC. We guarantee all our fish to be healthy and free from disease, so it’s safe to add them to your fish collection. 

Japanese Koi Shipment 2017

 Below are links to some photos and videos of the koi we imported this spring. Click on the Title below the picture for more details that box of koi.