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905-715-2447 Spring Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am-5:00 pm 3301 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON Canada

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Attraction Hardy Red Water Lily

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Attraction - Hardy Red Water Lily

Attraction one of the most popular and largest red water lilies available. The first flowers to open in the spring are sometimes a more pink than red in colour. But the following flowers become the familiar deeper red colour as the temperature warms up. This water lily is best suited to medium to large size ponds.

Description: Free flowering, 6"-8" garnet red flowers. Attraction has 26-28 petals on each flower, the inner petals are deeper in colour and gradually lighten towards the outer petals. The sepals are white, striped with pink. The solid green leaves grow up 10-12" in diameter. New leaves are often a bronze colour.

Location: Full sun / partial shade

Size: Large spread - 4 to 5 foot diameter

Plant Depth Zone: Plant 18-30" deep. See our Pond Plant Depth Zone article for more information.

To get the best growth and most abundant blooms from your water lilies, read our How to Plant a Water Lily article.

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