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Aeration For Ponds

Aeration is the term used to describe the process of adding air / oxygen to the water. Although oxygen can be added to the pond via a waterfall or fountainhead, air pumps provide a very reliable and energy efficient way to aerate your koi pond.

Aeration fro Ponds

Why Aerate a Pond?

  • An aerator adds valuable oxygen to a pond. Warmer water holds less oxygen, so oxygen levels can become low in a pond during the hot summer months, especially if it heavily stocked with koi or other pond fish.
  • Higher oxygen levels increase the number of natural bacteria in a pond, leading to healthier fish, cleaner water and less organic buildup on the bottom of a pond.
  • Aerators also provide an effective way to keep a hole in the ice during the winter. Aeration releases gases from the pond and adds oxygen more effectively than maintaining just an opening in the ice. Also, aerators are very energy efficient, saving you money all winter.
  • Saves energy costs of running a waterfall pump in the winter. A properly sized aerator can aerate a pond effectively on its own allowing you to turn your waterfall pump on only when you are there to enjoy it. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year.