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Development of an Okawa Shiro Utsuri

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CWhen talking about Shiro Utsuri, people think about the Omosako Koi Farm, which is absolutely correct in my eyes. The Omosako Koi Farm has been awarded with many prizes. Although there are more breeders that are getting closer  and closer to the quality of Omosako Shiro Utsuri. One of these is the Okawa Koi Farm. Read more in this blog about the development of a prize winning Okawa Shiro Utsuri.

“Koi that have such potential are hardly sold in Niigata, and thereby a big opportunity for me”

This tosai Shiro Utsuri was 17 cm long when Dick van Vliet, from KoiOnline, bought him or her in march 2012. ”It was not possible to see if this Shiro Utsuri was a male or female when it was a 17 cm tosai. The potentional of the sumi was present. This Shiro is probably the most expensive tosai I have ever bought, excluding the Go-Sanke range. Koi that have such potency are hardly sold in Niigata and thereby a big opportunity for me. In April she won the 25 Bu first in Size award (best koi in Length class 20-25 cm) on the Kyushu Koi Show. In late May 2012 this Koi was placed in the mud pond and came out of it with a lenght of 41 cm, as female. It was a good investment! The Shiro Utsuri now measures 45 cm and swims indoor at the farm.”


Raised in seven months to an awesome Shiro Utsuri!

This Shiro Utsuri really developed very well. Started with a length of 17 cm on 14 March 2012 to a lenght of 41 cm on 28 october 2012. Twenty-four cm growth in total spread out over a period of 7 months and also won the Best in Size Award on a Koi show! To be honest it is not the growth that impresses me, but the stability of the Sumi in combination with the high luster quality of it. Pay attention to the Motoguro (sumi, or black in the pectoral fins) and how it has developed over the period of time. The sumi on the right pectoral fin (when looking out of the eyes of the fish) has slightly withdrawn, which made the Koi better in balance. The sumi is really perfect if you ask me. A nice Menware (head pattern) followed by a well balanced Motoguro and thereafter the balanced Sumi pattern on the body of the fish. Overall it looks very nice and this Shiro Utsuri makes me curious about her future. She will stay a little longer in Japan and probably take part in the Wakagoi (All Japan Young Koi Show). I believe she will do well on this Show!


Trophy of the Kyushu Koi Show

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