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Visit From JPD Premium Koi Food CEO Ryuichi Yoshida

Thanks to Mr, Ryuichi Yoshida, CEO of JPD (Japan Pet Design Co. Ltd.) Premium Koi Food and Tony He, President of the Canadian Division for their visit to Hydrosphere Water Gardens. We had a very informative discussion with Mr Yoshida about the their koi food and his plans to market the JPD line of koi in Canada later this summer.  

JPD is one of the 2 premier koi food manufacturers in  Japan with a rich history dating back to 1819. Initially established as a goldfish farm, the Yoshida family soon began breeding koi, then introduced the world’s fist floating koi food in 1966. Now, JPD manufactures fish medicine and premium koi food.      

JDP Koi food is well known and welcomed among koi farms and koi keepers in Japan, as well as Europe, Australia, USA and other Asian countries. They use only top quality ingredient in their foods and concentrate on producing food that promotes a long, healthy life for koi. Their food has been fed to many koi that have won All Japan Grand Champion. 

There are 5 varieties of food:  

  • YOMATO – Colour Enhance
  • FUJIZAKURA – Health Diet
  • FUJIYAMA -Staple Diet
  • SHORI – High Growth
  • FUYUFUJI – All Weather

We are looking forward to carrying this high quality food soon!

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