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Heaters / De-Icers For Koi Ponds

Pond de-icers / heaters are essential winter products if you have fish in your pond, It is crucial to keep a hole in the ice during the winter months to allow oxygen into the pond and toxic gases to escape. If the pond is allowed to freeze over, oxygen levels soon drop and fish can suffocate.

Pond heaters / de-icers are the most reliable way to maintain an opening through the ice. Since most pond heaters float on the surface of the pond, they are very easy to install. Simply float the heater over the deepest part of the pond and plug it in. Our pond heaters are thermostatically controlled so they only turn on when the water is about to freeze.

Pond heater and De-icers

We carry a several different models of energy efficient pond de-icers / heaters such as Thermo-Pond 3.0, Perfect Climate 250 watt & 750 watt de-icers, Aquascape 300 watt stainless steel and Tetra Pond 300 watt de-icers.