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Filters & Spillways

Good koi pond filters are the key to maintaining a clear pond with excellent water quality. A filter is probably the most important piece of equipment in a pond, especially in a koi pond. Koi and goldfish are rather messy fish, they produce a lot of waste. The most important component to keeping healthy koi is good water quality and the only way to do this is with an adequate koi pond filter.

Small or poorly designed filters will clog too often and require very frequent cleaning. This leads to inadequate circulation in the pond, poor water and usually sick fish.

On the other hand, properly sized, well designed koi pond filters will provide excellent water quality and clarity and healthier fish. Plus, these filters are usually easier to clean. It is always best to oversize the filter for the size of your pond. This gives you the extra filtration that is needed in times of need, such as when your fish spawn, or if you have a few too many fish in your pond.

We carry a wide range of koi pond filters suitable for any size pond. Take a look below to see our bead filters, pressurized filters, pond skimmers, waterfall filters and spillways.