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AP-20 PondMaster Air Pump

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UPC: 025033045200
Brand: PondMaster

AP-20 PondMaster Air Pump

The PondMaster Air Pumps provide excellent aeration for koi ponds, water gardens, natural ponds, large aquariums, aquaponics and more. They can also be used during the winter to keep a hole in the ice to allow proper gas exchange.

We have used PondMaster AP series air pumps to aerate our display ponds as well as our koi holding tubs in our greenhouse for more than 20 years. They provide years of trouble-free service, and can be easily serviced with a rebuild kit when eventually needed. They produce high air volumes at an affordable price and are whisper quiet. We find find them to be the best value of any air pump on the market.

All AP-Series air pumps operate on standard 115V electric and come with a 6' power cord. The non-oil lubricated motor is designed to operate efficiently and save energy. These linear diaphragm pumps are designed for long service life, and are easily rebuilt with the diaphragm rebuild kits. The rugged housing is designed for outdoor applications, but it is recommended that the unit be enclosed during winter months to protect it from the elements.

These energy efficient, environmentally friendly pumps can be used for:

  • Oxygenating ponds and aquariums for a cleaner aquatic environment
  • Promoting healthier fish and aquatic plant life
  • Increasing the breakdown of fish waste
  • Preventing icing-over in outdoor ponds
  • Driving protein skimmers


  • 1700 cu. in/min (0.98 CFM)
  • 7' Maximum operating depth
  • 20 Watts
  • Energy-efficient
  • 6' cord length
  • Quite operation
  • High volume with steady air flow
  • No lubrication necessary
  • Single 1/2" outlet discharge
  • Plastic air diffuser included
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