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35-40 cm Select Kohaku From Marukyu Koi Farm

35-40 cm Nisai Kohaku Japanese Koi From Marukyu Koi Farm

Nisai kohaku Japanese Koi From Marukyu koi farm

35-40 cm Nisai Kohaku Japanese Koi

These are beautiful  35-40 cm Kohaku Japanese koi. These excellent quality Kohaku from the breeder Marukyu are  Nisai (2 year old) have nicely balanced patterns and great colour.

This is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) box, meaning all 7 koi you see in the picture and video will be arriving here

  • Kohaku
Size:35-40 cm
Marukyu koi farm
About Marukyu Koi Farm

Marukyu Koi Farm is located in the Yamakoshi region and is owned by Mr Marukyu. After having 99% of his stock destroyed after the earthquake in 2004, Marukyu decided to focus on breeding small numbers of high quality Go-Sanke. He sells most of his fish to the Japanese high quality koi market.  Their varieties include: Kohaku, Showa and Sanke.

Some Popular Varieties Bred