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The Many Benefits of Montmorillonite Koi Clay

A Natural Additive That's Great for Your Pond
montmorillonite koi clay

What is Koi Clay?

Koi Clay is a high purity calcium montmorillonite clay powder that is used widely throughout the world in koi ponds and water gardens. It adds and replenishes the minerals and trace elements that are found in natural ponds, but missing in rubber lined ponds. It contains over 60 bio-available minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and iron.

What are the Benefits?

The minerals contained in Koi Clay enhance the production of enzymes and are therefore beneficial to all living things; they benefit your plants and fish, as well as the bacteria living in your filters.

When Koi Clay is added to the pond, it’s negatively charged clay particles attract and bind the positively charged toxins and heavy metals in the water, much better than charcoal and other filter products, improving water quality and making the pond water healthier for fish and other pond inhabitants.

Koi Clay also helps to clarify pond water. Koi clay acts as a natural flocculent, causing suspended particles that cloud pond water to be bound up and eventually filtered out of the pond, resulting in a ‘polished’ clear pond.

The Many Benefits of Koi Clay

Using Koi Clay in the Pond

To add Koi Clay directly to the pond, use one level tablespoon for each 1,000 gallons of water twice a week. You can dissolve Koi Clay into a container of pond water and pour it evenly around the pond, or make it into a mud ball and lay it in a gently flowing stream of water so it dissolves slowly.

Adding It to Food

Koi clay helps improve the overall health of fish in a variety of ways. Your fish will experience improved water quality, better skin luster and enjoy a better environment, but when koi clay is ingested by fish and/or added to their food, they get even more benefits.

When used as a food additive, Koi Clay can also result in increases in growth rates by binding toxins. Fish can ingest toxins from a variety of sources, such as poor quality foods, or feed that has been exposed to moisture and grown mold or fungus. If ingested by koi, these toxins can affect their immune system resulting in higher susceptibility to diseases. If mixed with k feed, Koi Clay is able to bind these toxins preventing kKoi from digesting them, and eventually passing them out as feces.  In addition, when added to food, Koi Clay will aid digestion and increase the koi’s ability to assimilate the vitamins and minerals they receive in their diet, boosting their immune system, improving overall health and increasing growth rates.

By adding Koi Clay to their food, it will replicate the way koi feed in a natural mud bottom pond, picking up minute mineral rich particles as they root around in the sediments.

To add it to your fishes’ food, simply dampen the pellets slightly with water and coat them lightly with Koi Clay. Add it to their feed a few times a week for best results.

An all natural additive that's great for your whole pond
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montmorillonite koi clay
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