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Water Treatments For Ponds

Maintaining optimal water quality is key for fish health and also usually results in improved water clarity. We carry many different types of water treatments for ponds.Pond Water Treatments

  • The first step in establishing proper water quality starts with tap water conditioners / dechlorinators which make tap water inhabitable for fish, plants and other wildlife.
  • The next (and most important) step is to create a balanced ecosystem by adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes. These beneficial bacteria convert toxic ammonia and nitrite into innocuous nitrate through a process called the nitrogen cycle. Other types of beneficial bacteria will help reduce pond sludge and prevent large amounts of sludge and organic matter from accumulating on the bottom of the pond.
  • Algae control products are designed to reduce or eliminate a pond owners worst problem - Algae. Algae can be placed into 2 broad categories - String Algae and Green Water. Both of theses types of algae are not usually harmful to fish although they create very unsightly conditions in the pond.

Whatever the condition of your pond, we have a water treatment to solve the problem and help you to achieve a beautiful, healthy pond or water feature.