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Pond Salt Plus - 10 lb


Pond Salt Plus - 10 lb HPS10

Pond Salt Plus Buffer

Our Pond Salt now also contains a buffer to help maintain a stable pH in your pond.

Often called 'Chicken soup for Koi' - salt is something every fish or koi owner should have on hand at all times. It is recommend that you use salt, before you try anything else for parasites because it has so many benefits over other medications. Our salt is a very pure, fine grain salt that dissolves easily.

Treats up to 1000 gallons

See our Salt in the Pond information page for more uses of salt

Pond Salt Plus Buffer Features

  1. It is safe for pond fish species
  2. It does not push sick fish "over the edge."
  3. It eliminates 7 of 9 parasites commonly found in the pond
  4. It does not get bound out of the system by organics or sunlight
  5. Adds esential electrolytes to the pond
  6. Incorporated buffer helps maintain a stable pH
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