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Pond Liner & Construction Supplies

Firestone EPDM Pond Liner

EPDM Rubber Pond Liner

EPDM rubber pond liner is product of choice for lining ponds,waterfalls and streams. It is easy to install, very durable, flexible and UV resistant. It is easy to seam 2 pieces of liner together or patch if needed. It is available up to 50' wide by 100' long.

Geotextile Underlay

It is recommended to place underlay beneath the pond liner to provide a protective barrier between the liner and any jagged stones, tree roots or any other sharp objects. This underlay is non-woven so it will not split or tear.

Other Pond Construction Supplies

Liner seam tape and lap sealant for joining 2 liners together. Liner patches for patching holes. Waterfall foam for filling in gaps in your waterfall stones and directing water flow. We have all the supplies you need to get your pond construction project started.