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Oase Proficlear Premium Compact-M Drum Filter

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Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact-M Drum Filter

The ProfiClear Premium Compact-M filter combines 2 of the best filtration technologies in one compact filter to provide superior mechanical and biological filtration. A rotary drum filter provides the first stage - mechanical filtration, to physically remove particles from the water. A highly efficient moving bed filter provides the second stage of filtration - biological filtration, which breaks down fish waste and decaying organic matter into nitrates. Best of all, the filter is equipped with a Micro Control System that automatically senses when the filter needs to be cleaned. It then triggers the cleaning cycle, and powerful jets clean the accumulated debris and waste from the drum filter .

First Stage Filtration - Mechanical Filtration

The Rotary Drum Filter mechanically filters out very fine particles to provide exceptionally clear pond water. The sieve screens on the drum filter down to 80 µm (microns) which is about 10 times smaller than a grain of sand. When the pond water first enters the filter, it must pass through the drum. As the water passes through, small and large particles are trapped by the 80 µm screens. As the screens become dirty, the water level in the drum filter chamber rises. Once the level reaches a certain point, a water level sensor in the chamber sends a signal to the integrated Micro Control System which then triggers the cleaning mode. During the cleaning mode, the drum filter is rotated while powerful jets rinse the debris from screens. The waste water exits the filter and can be fed to a drain or the garden.

Second Stage Filtration: Biological Filtration

Once the clean water leaves the drum filter chamber, it enters the Moving Bed Filter chamber where the biological filtration takes place. The moving bed filter is packed with small plastic cylindrical filter media called Hel-X-13 bio-media. This filter media has a very surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. It is these bacteria that break down toxic Ammonia into less harmful Nitrates and finally into Nitrates. The integrated air diffusers provide maximum oxygen levels the bacteria as well as providing to additional currents in this chamber to keep the Hel-X-13 bio-media constantly moving.


  • The ProfiClear Premium Compact-M is a powerful filtration alternative for ponds up to 21,000 gallons.
  • Innovative Rotary Drum Filter technology provides fine particle capture, with high pressure jets for the self-cleaning of waste and debris.
  • Integrated sieve screens filter down to 80 microns
  • Pre-installed insulation on the lid ensures quiet operation during cleaning cycles.
  • Hel-X-13 bio-media provides a larger surface area for settlement of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria, effectively decomposing nutrients and pollutants in the water.
  • 40L of Hel-X filter media included and can decompose up to 0.6 lbs (272g) of food waste per day.
  • Built-in 2 bar (29 psi) high-pressure pump produces spray that cleans drum filter.
  • The compact drum filter promises minimal maintenance and ensures seamless integration of OASE Bitron C 55 watt and 110 watt UV Clarifiers.
  • Fully-automated Micro Control System automatically senses when the filter needs to clean and cycles on the main function cleaning cycles.
  • Automatically removes dirt and waste from water through waste discharge outlet.
  • Digital temperature display provides accurate water temperatures for seasonal maintenance..
  • Integrated linear air stones provide extra oxygen in the module when connected to an external air pump (not included).
  • Includes connection kit for air pumps with different outlet sizes.
  • Fully controllable through the OASE Easy Garden Control (EGC) connection and Controller using an app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android).

ProfiClear Premium Compact-M Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 34.8" x 27" x 32"
  • Debris Extraction: 80 µm
  • Biological filter surface area: 411 square feet
  • Biological filter surface area protected: 347 square feet
  • Min. Flow Rate: 2000 GPH
  • Max. Flow Rate: 4000 GPH
  • Weight 175.3 lbs.
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