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CrystalClear Pond & Lake ClearOut - 6 lbs

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Product Details

CrystalClear Pond & Lake ClearOut

Treats 1/4 acre pond for up to 3 months

Restore pond clarity, water quality and pond balance with CrystalClear Pond & Lake ClearOut™. ClearOut™ contains specialized strains of beneficial aerobic bacteria that digest organic debris suspended in the water column that cause decreased water clarity, muck accumulation & pond imbalance.

Clean, Clear, Healthy & Balanced

Water clarity issues and water imbalances are commonly caused by an abundance of organic debris brought on my fish waste, leaves and other plant decay. The beneficial aerobic bacteria in CrystalClear Pond & Lake ClearOut™ quickly go to work to consume organic debris that cause cloudy water, muck accumulation, foul pond odors and imbalanced pond water.

No-Mess Water Soluble Packets

Convenient water soluble packets (WSP) make treating your pond a breeze. There’s no need to cut, tear, scoop or pour CrystalClear Pond & Lake ClearOut™, just throw the packets in your pond and let your water do the rest.

Fish, Plant, Wildlife & Environmentally Friendly

CrystalClear Pond & Lake ClearOut™ is a completely natural product. When used in accordance with label directions PondClear™ is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.

  • Safe for use in ponds used for swimming and recreation
  • Safe for use in ponds used for fishing and aquaculture
  • Safe for hoses, livestock, birds, pets and wildlife

CrystalClear Pond & Lake ClearOut™ Dosage Rates
Pond Size
(In Surface Acres)
Pond & Lake ClearOut™
(Every 2 Weeks*)
Up to ¼ 2 Packets
Up to ½ 4 Packets
Up to ¾ 6 Packets
Up to 1 8 Packets

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