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ClearLake Alpine Blue Pond Dye - 1 Quart

Product Details

ClearLake Alpine Blue Pond Dye - 1 Quart Concentrate

ClearLake™ Alpine Blue is an Aquatic Dye and helpful tool to create a natural, healthy looking lake environment. Adding a dye to your pond or lake can turn ugly water into a pleasant blue color. Not only does it create an aesthetically pleasing body of water, it shades the water to aid in protecting fish and other aquatic inhabitants from poaching by predatory birds.

Professional Strength Pond Dye shades and protects your pond while enhancing natural color and beauty. Its powerful 4x concentrated formula allows each quart of Professional Strength Pond Dye to treat like a gallon of competitive brands. Professional Strength Pond Dye is available in 3 colors each with its own unique application. While we provide color recommendations below, each color of Pond Dye provides the same reliable protection and can be selected based on your personal color preference.


  • Dyes Pond A Brilliant Blue
  • Keeps Water Cool & Clean
  • Protects Fish From Predators
  • Shades Sunlight

Powerful 4x Concentrate

One quart of powerful 4x concentrated Alpine Blue Pond Dye treats like a gallon of other leading pond dyes making it extremely cost effective; saving you both money and shelf space.

Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly

When used in accordance with label directions Alpine Blue Pond Dye is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.

For best results it is important to never let the blue fade for this will give weeds and algae a chance to become established making them difficult to control. In colder climates Alpine Blue can be added just before winter to stop sunlight from penetrating the ice.


  • Controls algae and submerged plant growth
  • Treats a 1 acre pond 4'-6' deep
  • Beautifies your pond with a blue colour
  • Safe for people, pets, fish, waterfowl & wildlife
  • Can be used at all temperatures
  • Filters out sunlight
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