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Aquascape Signature Series 1000 BioFalls Filter

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Aquascape Signature Series BioFalls 1000 Waterfall Filter

The Aquascape Signature Series 1000 BioFalls® Filter is ideal for filtering ponds up to 1,000 gallons, providing efficient biological and mechanical filtration. Its durable, rotationally-molded, rounded polyethylene shape maximizes structural strength while making it easier to camouflage into your landscape. Able to handle flow rates up to 3,000 gallons per hour, the filter can be installed in a wide variety of applications, including smaller ponds.
All Signature Series BioFalls Filters include a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring year after year of trouble-free use.

Biological filters are positioned to create the beginning of the waterfall in your pond. The filter uses bacteria to break down pond wastes, converting them into less harmful compounds that can be used as aquatic plant fertilizers. Water enters the biological filter from the skimmer via flexible pipe located near the base of the unit. The water then flows from the bottom to the top of the filter, traveling through filter media housed inside the unit. The filter media helps with the removal of fine to medium-sized particles.

As the biological filter fills, it overflows and cascades over its waterfall lip, cascading down rocks that have been set to create a beautiful, natural-looking waterfall. The waterfall creates aeration for your pond, assisting in the circulation and health of the water. Aquascape BioFalls® Filters range in size and can filter ponds up to 10,000 gallons. For larger ponds, multiple biological filters can be incorporated into the design.

BioFalls 1000 Waterfall Filter Features:

  • BioFalls 1000™ house the beneficial bacteria that provide a healthy ecosystem
  • Can filter up to 1,000 gallons
  • Full liner attachable waterfall lip for a reliable, watertight seal on the filter
  • Rounded shape improves structural strength and makes it easier to camouflage into the landscape than a rectangular unit
  • Made from tough, roto-molded, high density polyethylene plastic
  • Can handle pump flow rates up to 2000 gallons per hour
  • Up-flow filter design
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