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Aquascape Pond Plant Potting Media - 7 liter

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Aquascape Aquatic Plant Potting Media - 7 liter / 432 cubic in

New Size size for 2022 - Twice as big as before.

*To cover the high cost of shipping, a $3 additional shipping charge will be automatically added to your shopping cart at checkout for each bag of soil purchased*

*Maximum 2 bags of soil per order*

Aquascape's Aquatic Pond Planting Media is better than just regular soil, it is an aquatic plant soil comprised of a unique blend of natural minerals, which provides a clean, easy to use planting media for water gardeners. It is recommended for all potted aquatic plants, and will not change pH or color the pond water

Directions For Use:

Aquatic Planting Media should be fully saturated with water for ease of use.

  1. Pour Aquatic Planting Media into a clean bucket and fully cover the granules with water.
  2. Prepare the pot for Aquatic Planting Media by covering any holes with a piece of nylon screen, r weed barrier material to keep the Aquatic Planting Media from leaking out.
  3. Place one or two fertilizer spikes or tablets into the pot, as Aquatic Planting Media is not a fertilizer substitute.
  4. Arrange the plant roots into the pot and gently cover roots with Aquatic Planting Media and fill the pot to about 1" from the rim
  5. Top off with decorative stones.
  6. Slowly lower the pot into the pond. There will be some trapped air in the soil. It will bubble out as the plant is lowered into the water.
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