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Aqua Ultima II 30000 Pond Filter with 2" Top Valve

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Aqua Ultima II 30,000 Koi Pond Filter with 2" Top Valve

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The Aqua Ultima II Filter combines both biological and mechanical filtration in one compact body. Simply by rotating the valve the patented cyclonic backwash system does the dirty work for you. In just minutes the internal jets clean the filter for you. Ultima II Filters are designed for high flow rates, extreme fish loads, and elevated feed rates.

The patented media has the highest biofilm surface for bacterial growth. The beneficial bacteria convert ammonia into harmless compounds. In field and independent laboratory testing the Ultima II filter with its patented media is the first to nitrify fish waste.

The dense bed of ridged media traps solids without clumping. Internal jets in the filter are activated during the backwash separating the waste from the media and sending it out the waste line. Backwash is performed simply by rotating the valve.


  • For ponds up to 30,000 gallons
  • 2" inlet / outlet size
  • Simple to backwashing, takes just minutes
  • Internal jets provide thorough backwashing
  • No blower needed
  • Patented Ultima bio media with high surface area for optimum biological filtration
  • Bio media does not channel or clump together
  • Handles heavy fish loads
  • Filter can be buried


  • 1 cubic foot of Ultima filter media has 800 cubic feet of surface area!
  • Dimensions: 35-1/2" Diameter x 53" Tall
  • Min flow Rate: 7000 GPH
  • Max Flow Rate: 7500 GPH
  • Inlet / Outlet: 2"
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