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1" Uniseal / Pipe-to-Tank Seal

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1" Uniseal Pipe-to-Tank Seal

Uniseal® is simply the world’s best seal, and installing the Uniseal® is a simple process. they can be used to attach PVC pipe to almost any container, and are especially useful on curved containers such as drums or buckets or even larger pipes. Made with Du Pont Alcryn® the Uniseals® create a better seal than any other material.

Ideal for use in hydroponics, aquaponics, ponds, reef and marine aquariums.


  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Aquariums
  • Ponds


  • Fits 1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Makes a tight seal on curved walls such as buckets and barrels
  • Long lasting
  • Resistant to acids, oils, greases, gasoline & sewage
  • Withstands pressure & suction
  • Withstands heat & cold
  • Less expensive than bulkheads
  • Easy installation
  • Saves installation time
  • In static conditions the seal is good up to 65 psi

1" Uniseal Specifications:

  • Fits 1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Required Hole Size: 1-3/4" (44 mm)
  • Fits up to 3/8" Wall Thickness (9 mm)

Directions For Use:

Cut a hole in the wall of a tank or other surface with the appropriated size hole saw, Clean The hole to remove any burrs or irregularities to prevent a poor seal. Then insert the Uniseal® into the hole. Once the Uniseal is seated properly, push the PVC pipe into the Uniseal® from the outside. Using silcone lubricant makes the pipe slide more easily into the Uniseal®. Once in place, a liquid-tight seal is formed and it is ready for use.

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