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Tricide Neo 22 Grams - 1 Gallon Mix

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Tricide Neo 22 Grams - 1 Gallon Mix

A 5-Minute Bath Treatment That Controls Bacterial Ulcers, Fin Rot & Mouth Rot!

Tricide-Neo® is a patented dip to aid in the treatment of superficial bacterial infections such as ulcer disease, fin rot and mouth rot in koi and pond fish. It's unique properties break the bacteria’s resistant outer layer, to allow the antibiotic to enter the bacteria and kill it. It works as well as injections, without the stress of injecting. The product is shipped as a dry powder which is then mixed with distilled water. Fish can be dipped every other day for one week. Results are usually seen after the first bath. Healed ulcers can typically be seen within 15 days. Tricide Neo can also used as a preventative dip prior to introducing new fish to you pond. For external use on non-food fish.


  • 22 gram package makes a 1 gallon bath - good for small to medium size fish
  • Works as well as injections
  • Treats Aeromonas ulcers, mouth rot and fin rot
  • Very effective and easy to use

Directions For Use:

  1. Open the packet and thorough mix the crystals into 1 gallon of distilled water. Ensure that this mixture is the same temperature as the pond water. I often aerate the mixture for 15 minutes with an air pump and airstone to help oxygenate the water and to help dissolve the crystals.
  2. Once the crystals are dissolved, dip the fish in the Tricide-Neo for four to five minutes. If the fish shows signs of distress, remove it and return it to the pond or holding tank.
  3. After the 4-5 minute dip, return the fish to the pond or hospital tank. I often rinse the fish in a separate container of pond water before returning them to the holding tank to prevent introducing Tricide-Neo into the holding tank.
  4. Repeat treatment every day or every other day for for 1 week.
  5. The solution can be reused repeatedly. I recommend filtering the solution through cheesecloth, coffee filter etc. to remove any loose scales or excess slime from the fish.
  6. Refrigerate the solution after each use. Remember to allow it to warm up before the next use.


  • This is a powerful medication! The fish should NOT be dipped for more than five minutes, or gill damage can occur.
  • If you are treating many fish, you might need to mix a new solution after the fourth treatment.

See how effective Tricide Neo worked to heal a badly infected wound on one of our koi HERE

Tricide Neo Antibiotic Bath for Koi Fish

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