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Large Pond Duckweed Removal – Caledon

Duckweed Removal - Caledon

Large Pond Duckweed Removal

Pond Specifications

Mary has a stream fed pond, approximately 1/4 acre in size. this triangular shaped pond is approximately 115′ long and has an average width of about 80′.  The maximum depth of the pond is 11′, with the majority of the pond being approximately 5 to 7 feet deep. There are several mature deciduous trees around along the shoreline of the pond. A floating fountain was previously installed in the pond.

Our Pond Assessment

The client was mainly concerned about the growth of some submerged aquatic plants. The growth of these plants had been increasing each year, reaching the surface of the water and spreading into new areas of the pond. He also wanted to improve the water clarity and maintain the overall health of the pond.   

We conducted our standard pond assessment, which includes the following: taking measurements of the pond – length width and depth. In addition, we take water samples and test the water quality (pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, alkalinity & hardness). We also measure the dissolved oxygen at various depths in the pond. We also identify any submerged, floating or emergent pond plants / weeds. Finally, we attempt determine the cause of any imbalances in the ponds ecosystem. 

Below are some of the issues that we found. 

Duckweed Covering Large Pond


We found an abundance of Duckweed overtaking the pond, about 90% of the surface of the pond was covered. The floating fountain was keeping the only small area open. Duckweed is a small floating plant that can multiply quickly in warm weather.

Large Pond Muck

Pond Muck

There was a substantial amount of muck and organic debris on the bottom of the pond. Large amounts of tree leaves falling into the pond year after year, have led to a a thick layer of sludge accumulating on the bottom of the pond. 

Our Recommendations

Once our assessment was complete, we sent Mary a comprehensive written report about the issues we found in her pond.

In our reports, we include the pond dimensions, the results of the water quality testing,  we identify aquatic plant species (and fish species when possible), and the likely causes of the problems areas or issues with the pond.  Most importantly, we also recommend the proper course of action to take to help remedy the issues.

Upon our recommendation, Mary decided to add a 2- Diffuser Rocking Piston Aeration System to improve circulation and oxygen levels at the bottom of the pond to reduce the sludge layer. In addition, we set up a regular treatment program which included treating the pond with MuckAway sludge reducer treatments to accelerate the decomposition of the sludge layer on the bottom of the pond and Pond Dye to reduce submerged plant growth.

Our Services

Duckweed Removal, Aeration System Installation & Pond Treatment Program
Large Pond Maintenance

The picture above shows the pond with duckweed removed

Duckweed Removal From Large Pond

Duckweed Removal

We removed 99% of the duckweed that was floating on the pond’s surface from the boat, and from shore, using skimmer nets and a parachute skimmer. 

Aeration in Large Pond

Aeration System Installation

We installed a 2-diffuser rocking piston compressor aeration system to increase circulation and oxygen levels at the bottom of the pond.

Lake and Large Pond Treatments

We set up a bi-weekly pond treatment program. We recommended regular treatments with  Muckaway, to accelerate the decomposition of sludge, Barley straw pellets to reduce algae growth, and pond dye to improve water clarity and the appearance.