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905-715-2447 Summer Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am-5:00 pm 3301 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON Canada

Aeration System Installation – Collingwood

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Aeration System Installation & Aquatic Planting

Aeration System Installation

Pond Specifications

This beautiful, rubber lined pond is about 1/2 acre in size! It is approximately 160′ long and has an average width of about 120′.  The maximum depth of the pond is 8′, with the majority of the pond being approximately 4 to 6 feet deep. There are some mature deciduous and coniferous trees close the southern and eastern shoreline of the pond. 

Our Pond Assessment

Since this is a new pond, the client was mainly concerned about maintaining the water clarity and water quality of the pond, as well as preventing muck and organic debris from accumulating on the bottom. They were also interested in the possibility of adding some aquatic plants to help naturalize the look of the pond. 

We conducted our standard pond assessment, which includes the following: taking measurements of the pond – length width and depth. In addition, we take water samples and test the water quality (pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, alkalinity & hardness). We also measure the dissolved oxygen at various depths in the pond. We also identify any submerged, floating or emergent pond plants / weeds. Finally, we attempt determine the cause of any imbalances in the ponds ecosystem. 

Below are some of the issues that we found. 

Below are some of the issues we found

Large Pond Assessment Cloudy Water

Planktonic Algae

We found the water to be quite murky, the visibility was approximately 3 feet. Microscopic planktonic algae was beginning to bloom early in the spring. 

Large Pond Assessment

Planting Shelves

There was a narrow ledge around the perimeter of the pond that was useful for marginal plant placement, however, water lilies would need to be raised off the bottom in the deeper parts of the pond.

Our Recommendations

Once our assessment was complete, we sent the client a comprehensive written report about what we found in his pond.

In our reports, we include the pond dimensions, the results of the water quality testing,  we identify aquatic plant species (and fish species when possible), and the likely causes of the problems areas or issues with the pond.  Most importantly, we also recommend the proper course of action to take to help remedy the issues.

Upon our recommendation, the client decided to have us install a diffused aeration system to improve circulation and oxygen levels in the pond.  This system included a 1 HP rotary vane compressor mounted in a fan-cooled, lockable cabinet, with added soundproofing, along with 800′ of weighted airline tubing and 6 air diffusers.

To give the pond a more natural appearance, we designed an aquatic plant layout which included marginal plants such as irises, grasses, variegated cattails, and arrowheads to soften the edges of the pond, while water lilies were added for their beautiful flowers and the shade they provide.

We recommended regular treatments with EcoBoost, which binds phosphate to starve the planktonic algae, and quickly improve water clarity. We also recommended PondClear, a natural beneficial bacteria to help naturally clear the water and establish a balanced ecosystem in the pond. Finally, Twilight Blue pond dye was added to reduce sunlight penetration and also give the pond a rich blue colour.    

Our Services

Aeration System Installation, Aquatic Planting & Design, & Pond Treatment Program

The picture above shows the pond with a few of the aeration diffusers, as well as water lilies, marginal and floating plants. 

1hp Rotary Vane Aeration System Cabinet

Aeration System Installation

This 1 HP Rotary Vane compressor was mounted in a fan cooled cabinet with optional soundproofing to reduce noise. The compressor was installed remotely, about 60′ from the pond to hide it from view.  

Aeration System Installation

Diffuser Placement

The 6 air diffusers were placed strategically in the pond. Some in the deepest section for maximum effectiveness, while others were placed in shallower areas where poor circulation was an issue.  

Aquatic Planting in Pond

Aquatic Planting & Design

Marginal aquatic  plants such as irises, grasses, variegated cattails, and arrowheads were planted to soften the edges of the pond, while water lilies were added to provide some shade and colourful blooms. 

Lake and Large Pond Treatments

We set up a bi-weekly maintenance & pond treatment program where the pond was treated with the appropriate amounts of product. In this particular pond we treated with Ecoboost, PondClear and Twilight Blue pond dye.