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20-23 cm Japanese Koi Mix From Maruhiro Koi Farm

20-23 cm Japanese Koi Mix From Maruhiro Koi Farm

20-23 cm Japanese Koi Mix

This is a really interesting mix of Japanese koi from the breeder Maruhiro. They are excellent quality and contain a nice selection of the popular and uncommon varieties of koi such as Showa, Kohaku, Mukashi Ogon, Doitsu Mukashi Ogon, Ginrin Chagoi, Soragoi, Shusui, Ginrin Yamabuki, Ochiba, Ginrin Showa and Aka Matsuba. 

  • Showa
  • Kohaku
  • Mukashi Ogon
  • Doitsu Mukashi Ogon
  • Ginrin Chagoi
  • Soragoi
  • Shusui
  • Ginrin Yamabuki
  • Ochiba
  • Ginrin Showa
  • Aka Matsuba. 
Size:20-23 cm
About Maruhiro Koi Farm

Maruhiro Koi Farm  –  is run by Hironori Hirasawa in the Ojiya region. Hironori is the son of Seitaro Hirasawa (Marusei Koi Farm) so he has a wealth of knowledge about producing quality koi.  The farm is well known for their varieties of Showa, Sanke, Kohaku, Ginrin Kohaku, Shusui, Asagi, Ginrin sagi, Ginrin Showa, Goromo, Shiro Utsuri, Ochiba, Ginrin Ochiba, Hi Utsuri, Ginrin Hi-Utsuri, Ki-Utsuri, Mukashi Ogon, Chagoi and Ginrin Chagoi

Some Popular Varieties Bred

Showa, Ginrin Showa100%
Kohaku, Ginrin Kohaku100%
Hi Utsuri, Ki Utsuri100%