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905-715-2447 Summer Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am-5:00 pm 3301 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON Canada

Pond Aeration

Winterizing / Autumn Pond Products

Fall / early winter is the most crucial time of year regarding your koi and goldfish health. Winters in Canada and the northern states are often very long and cold. During this time fish are very vulnerable because of their slow metabolism and weakened immune system. Poor water quality, low oxygen and elevated carbon dioxide levels are likely to devastate a healthy fish population very quickly during the winter if the proper winterizing steps aren't followed. Some extra planning, care and maintenance can make all the difference as to whether your fish thrive through the long winter months or end up sick or even dead come spring.

Read our How to Winterize Your Pond Page For More Information.

We have all the winter pond products and supplies you need to get your pond ready for winter. Pond heaters / de-icers, aerators, fall wheat germ koi food and pond netting are just some of the products you need to keep your fish their healthiest through the long winter months.

winter pond products

Pond Heaters

Most pond heaters are designed to float to keep as hole open in the ice to allow oxygen in and toxic gases to escape from the pond.Pond heaters We carry the most reliable brand of pond heaters and de-icers such as Thermo Pond 3.0, Perfect Climate, Tetra, Aquascape and PondMaster.


Aeration is another way to keep an opening in the ice through the winter months. The rising bubbles create a strong current that prevents the water from freezing. Aerators can also be used in the summer to increase circulation and oxygen levels. Plus they make a useful back-up to maintain oxygen levels in case you pond pump ever fails.

Cold Water Fish Food

Cold Water Fish Food the ideal food to feed koi and goldfish, particularly in cold temperatures. The first ingredient listed on the package of a good Spring & Fall or Cold Water Food should be wheat germ. Wheat germ is highly digestible, especially in cold water. The rich proteins often found in typical summer fish foods can be hard for koi and goldfish to digest when the temperature drops. feeding a wheat germ based food in the fall will help your koi to 'fatten up' before winter.

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