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905-715-2447 Winter Hours: Please email for appointment. pm 3301 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON Canada

New Solar Pond Pumps With Optional Battery Backup

Tips for product promotion: how to promote a product on the Internet

The following product promotion tips should be used by anyone who wants to promote a product online. It does not matter if it is a physical or electronic product or service. The following tips are for bloggers, Internet marketers and others who are trying to sell their product or service online.

Product promotion is not a one-time promotion. Product promotion does not include a single magic bullet that will get you all the traffic and sales you want. You can't increase your product sales with just one of the following ideas.

You should strive to do everything you can to promote what you have, whether it's an eBook, software or birthday cake; whether it's your own product/service, your business or an affiliate tipst to market your product where you get a discount on the sale price for selling it!

The information below will help you promote a product - any product or service - if you have the commitment and dedication needed to do it. If you come up with reasons why this sales method or this type of promotion is not right for you, you are likely to fail.

That's because a) you're making excuses for yourself to save effort, and b) your heart isn't big enough to succeed. Try all of them, and you will find that you will not succeed. Losers are those who do things halfway and don't fully commit to learning.

List building: offer a mini-course or series of newsletters

You may have heard the term "list building" and may have already joined one or more lists and regularly receive emails from people trying to sell you products. They may or may not be annoying, but the fact is that many people have made fortunes by making large lists of interested people and then offering them products several times.

It has been proven that people need to expose a product multiple times before they decide to buy it. This is the theory behind repetitive radio and television advertising. There are several reasons why potential customers may not buy immediately:

They don't have the money now, but they may get it on payday. People are more likely to buy online products, especially information products and software, on payday rather than at the end of the month.

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The customer isn't sure if your product can help them. They may need more information about it before they decide to buy - they may even need more information about their problem or whatever reason they visited your website or blog. They visited for a reason! Rarely does it happen by accident.

In each of these cases, you might think, "Okay, they might buy the next time they come to my site."

How are you going to accomplish that? Almost everyone who visits a Web site or blog visits only once, never to return unless they have an incentive to do so. It could be great content or blog posts you write, but you can't count on that.

The answer is to collect their email addresses so you can contact them. To do this, you need to sign up with a professional auto-responder company like AWeber or GetResponse and start building your email list. These firms allow you to create forms on your site to collect personal information and automatically send emails at predetermined intervals.

Your visitors won't fill out your form just because you asked them to, but what if you offered them a course in their niche. How about a 7-part course on link building or a 12-part course on how to promote a product online? Offer 10 tips on how to promote products or 8 tips on how to whip out - one tip per newsletter.

This will allow you to keep in touch on a regular basis without being accused of spamming. You can also offer a free e-book, free report, or other one-time offer. However, this course is better because then you'll have permission to send multiple emails, each with a link to your product.

2 Pump Sizes Available


Max Water Flow: 160 GPH

Max Pump Head: 5.6 ft

Max Power Consumption: 6.5W

Max Pump Voltage: 12-24V

Solar Panel Max output: 10W/18V

Builtin Flow Control: Yes

Outlet: 3/8″ push fit

Fountain Nozzle Included: Yes

Recommended Tubing Size: 3/8″


Max Water Flow: 360 GPH

Max Pump Head: 6.9 ft

Max Power Consumption: 11W

Max Pump Voltage: 12-24V

Solar Panel Max output: 20W/18V

Builtin Flow Control: Yes

Outlet: 1/2″ Male thread

Fountain Nozzle Included: Yes

Recommended Tubing Size: 1/2″

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