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Kerry Packer - born to play

Kerry Packer - born to play

There is a concept of “big fish” in casinos, but not many people know that there are “whales”.

The casino workers call those people who are able to win and lose large sums of money, often tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most whales are Asians, or to be more precise, 80% of all whales. There are many influential people among them, but the most famous are the Sultan of Brunei, arms dealer Adnan Koshoggi and tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith.

As a rule, they are fully provided by the casino, providing accommodation and other amenities such as a private car and a jet plane that is owned by the casino. Only money is required from the punters to play in the casino. They are provided with a loan in a gambling establishment of up to $ 5 million, and there have been cases when they received a loan for $ 10 million.

One of the biggest gambling whales is Kerry Packer. Australian media mogul who loves to gamble in casinos. At the moment, Kerry's fortune is between three and six billion Australian dollars. No one knows how he achieved this state, but one thing is for sure - he loves to play in casinos, and will not regret any money for the game. Once in Las Vegas, he lost 20 million dollars, and in London - 250 thousand pounds. He played every game in existence and made big bets every time. There is nothing that he loves more than his hobby.

The birth of an empire

How exactly Kerry Packer got rich, not everyone knows, but his story begins with his grandfather. One day, his grandfather was walking around London and found 10 shillings, which he put on the races. The result surprised him, he won a huge amount, so much so that he was able to buy a ticket to Australia and become a journalist there, which led to the creation of a media empire. At the moment it is called"Publications and Publishing", later this company was able to create a casino"Crown". Now this casino is the most famous and largest casino in the whole country.


Kerry's father, Frank Packer, continued the family business and made a great contribution to it. Already in 1933, Frank issued a specialized edition. Oddly enough, the magazine quickly gained popularity, which served to develop the business. Since Frank had a difficult character, he did not particularly like to spend a lot of time with his children, mostly he was immersed in work. As Carrie said in an interview on the radio: “I think my father and I often had conflicts because we have different characters.”

Carrie Packer's childhood was difficult and lonely. Kerry went to boarding school at the age of 5, where he contracted polio. He had to stay in bed for nine months, using a respirator, without which he would not be able to breathe. The illness weakened and battered Kerry. He returned to school at the age of 9, undoubtedly, he was far behind his peers, but thanks to the fact that he went in for sports, he was able to quickly stabilize. As Kerry said:"I was academically stupid, the only thing that helped me was sports."

After Kerry barely finished school at the age of 19, he decided that at first he could work for his father. But after his father died, he ran the business hereditarily. Despite the fact that Kerry and Frank did not get along much, Kerry admired his father. That is why, at first, Kerry did business in the same way as his father.

Wins and Losses

Nobody expected Kerry Packer to do business much better than his father. Direct evidence is the sale by him in 1987 of two television channels for one billion Australian dollars. Of course, he took a lot more than they were worth.

After a while, Kerry was able to regain these channels for only 25% of the total price. Kerry Packer literally monopolized all media in Australia. And in 1991, he decided to buy the local newspaper Fairfax, but the government decided to forbid him to conclude an agreement because of his strong influence on the media.

Like all businessmen, Kerry had unsuccessful agreements, the result was not very pleasant. In 1977, Kerry Packer was refused the sale of the rights to a television program for the games. In response, Packer assembles a team of more than 50 cricket punters and announces a tournament in which the Government team and Packer's personal team will face off. As Kerry Packer said: “I read a lot about Genghis Khan: although he was not handsome and charming, he was one step ahead of his competitors.”

Passion for games

Favorite game Kerry - Polo. He spends at least 3 months and millions of money on the game. In 1990, while playing, he lost consciousness and within 6 minutes everyone thought he was dead, but the orderlies resuscitated him and Packer woke up. Even at 62, he loved life too much to die.

He was a good and experienced punter. He is not one of those people who win money and immediately lose it in the hope of winning more. Once at the famous MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, he won 15 million because he is smart. Kerry did not give the casino a chance to recoup. Kerry Packer immediately flew to Australia by plane.

A hero of our time

Kerry Packer is an excellent punter and a successful businessman. It was he who served as the image of the heroes of many novels due to his unique character and the ability to make difficult and risky decisions. Kerry Packer is a role model. Many people admire him as a successful person who was able to make his life perfect.

Some of the materials are taken from the site BestNetEntCasino.info.

2 Pump Sizes Available


Max Water Flow: 160 GPH

Max Pump Head: 5.6 ft

Max Power Consumption: 6.5W

Max Pump Voltage: 12-24V

Solar Panel Max output: 10W/18V

Builtin Flow Control: Yes

Outlet: 3/8″ push fit

Fountain Nozzle Included: Yes

Recommended Tubing Size: 3/8″


Max Water Flow: 360 GPH

Max Pump Head: 6.9 ft

Max Power Consumption: 11W

Max Pump Voltage: 12-24V

Solar Panel Max output: 20W/18V

Builtin Flow Control: Yes

Outlet: 1/2″ Male thread

Fountain Nozzle Included: Yes

Recommended Tubing Size: 1/2″

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