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1/2 HP Fusion Aerating Fountain by Aqua Control

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Brand: Aqua Control

1/2 HP Fusion Series Aerating Fountain by Aqua Control

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Years of diligent engineering and careful testing have transformed Aqua Control’s vision of producing a better backyard floating fountain into reality. The Fusion Series combines the best attributes of Aqua Control's popular 'Evolution' floating fountain and their larger 'SS2 Series' commercial fountains, resulting in a rugged, high performance floating fountain that is designed to please.

But what makes the Fusion Series fountains stand head and shoulders above their competition is the introduction of the Twister Module. The Twister is a revolutionary innovation that allows most of the standard and optional Fusion spray nozzles to rotate, providing a dazzling display.

Fusion Series fountains aren't just for looks, they also produce high volume flows that outperform their competition. The result is a great looking fountain that is also a true aerating fountain that improves the water quality of your pond. There is a Fusion fountain to fit any size pond as they are available in 1/2 HP, 1 HP. 1.5 HP and 2 HP sizes. With all these features, the ground-breaking Fusion Aerating Fountain your best choice for a high quality, unique floating fountain.

What makes the Fusion Fountain BETTER than the Competition?

  1. Pump - High efficiency, high output of this 1/2 HP motor outperforms most 3/4 HP motors
  2. Motor - Custom made proprietary motor with 3 level sealing system
  3. Intake - The engineered intake screen provides a larger area for water to pull with less likelihood of clogging
  4. Patterns - 6 Standard Nozzle Options are included, and Optional Extension Package with 9 additional patterns available (for an additional charge)
  5. Twister Module!- Optional Twister module enables almost any of the nozzle patterns to rotate at a wide range of speeds, creating a dazzling effect.
  6. Warranty - 3 Year Warranty Included
The video below shows the standard Cluster Arch nozzle combined with the optional Twister Module.

Features & Benefits of the 1/2 HP Fusion Fountain
  • Outperforms most 3/4 HP Motors with higher flow & larger patterns
  • Multi-Nozzle lets you create 6 popular patterns with the same set of parts
  • Innovative Twister Module available that can rotate almost any pattern at varying speeds. (Makes every nozzle rotate except the Tornado, Torrent, Flare, and Daffodil)
  • Additional premium nozzle package can be purchased to create 9 additional stunning displays
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Everything you need in the box
  • Operates in as little as 32" of water
  • An optional Horizontal Pump Configuration is also available to allow operation is as little as 16" of water.
  • Large intake screen reduces clogging
  • Wind resistant patterns
  • High flow rates
  • Best Performance in the Industry
  • Generous 3 Year Warranty

Why Choose an Aqua Control Fusion Fountain?

The Perfect Pump
The new Fusion Series pump design features redesigned propellers and output fairing. These highly efficient pumps create high streams while continuing to pump great volumes. A large suction screen catches debris to prevent clogging the nozzles.

The Perfect Lights (Optional)
These high quality, high output LED lights are designed to bring a crisp brilliant light to your nighttime water feature. This light kit includes 2 stainless steel, sealed 30-watt white LED Lights with quick disconnect fittings, and is designed for easy, direct attachment to the Fusion Series Float. The 2 x 30-watt set is recommended for the ½ HP and 1 HP fountains, while the 4 x 30-watt set is recommended for the 1.5 and 2 HP fountains.

The Perfect Submersible Motor
Custom-made proprietary ½ to 2HP motors with a 3-level sealing system. Two SiC/SiC Seals in a chamber filled with biodegradable oil work in tandem with a moly-filled lip seal to keep contaminates out of the motor. Heavy duty NSK Ball Bearings increase motor durability, and a special custom shaft allows direct connection of the precision propellers.

The Perfect Nozzle System
The revolutionary Multi-Nozzle System allows for creation of hundreds of high-quality patterns by assembling the provided nozzle components in various ways. Built with nozzle tubes as opposed to drilled holes, the nozzles have 0.5” or 0.6” ID openings to allow for high volumes to be pumped while creating beautiful coherent streams. The Standard Fusion Nozzle Package includes parts to create seven popular patterns. The optional Nozzle Extension Package allows for creation of numerous additional displays.
An optional Twister Module is available that enables almost any of the patterns to rotate at a wide range of speeds, creating a dazzling effect.

1/2 HP Fusion Fountain Standard Spray Pattern Sizes

Pattern Height Diameter
Tornado 5 ft 24 ft
Cluster Arch 9 ft 10 ft
Daffodil 6.5 ft 20 ft
Flare 2.5 ft 20 ft
Lily 5 ft 12 ft
Super Lily 4 ft 10 ft

An optional Nozzle Extension Package is also available that allows you to create an additional 9 outstanding patterns including:

1/2 HP Fusion Fountain Optional Spray Pattern Sizes

Pattern Height Diameter
Spider & Arch 9 ft 28 ft
Tiara 9 ft 26 ft
Delmar 8.5 ft 10 ft
Double Arch 8 ft 28 ft
Weeping Willow 9 ft 18 ft
Double Arch Lily 5 ft 12 ft
Pentalator 9 ft 26 ft
Quad 9 ft 28 ft
Trillium 9 ft 12 ft

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