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Floating Plant Island - Round 16"

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Floating Plant Island - Round 16"

These 16" round floating plant islands have a 16" diameter solid plant basket with a 24" diameter float.These floating plant islands are made from high quality black closed-cell foam (not cheap white Styrofoam covered with black fabric) so they will last for years and still look great.

These 16" floating island planter solid baskets do not come with holes in them, however a few holes can easily be drilled or punched into the basket to allow water in.

If left without holes, these solid floating island planters may also be planted with garden flowers such as wave petunias, geraniums, new guinea impatiens or any of your favourite flowers.

Floating plant islands allow you to plant marginal pond plants anywhere in the pond. This unique planter provides shade for the pond and also shelter for koi and goldfish. Floating Island planters can be anchored to keep them positioned in the pond where you like.

Combine tall plants like iris or rushes with creeping plants like parrots feather or brooklime for a dramatic effect.


  • Plant marginal plants even in the deep areas of pond
  • Floats anywhere in the pond
  • Can be anchored in position
  • Can be planted with traditional garden flowers if left with no holes in the basket


  • 16" diameter x 7" deep plant basket
  • 24" diameter black float

Floating plant island can be planted with countless combinations of tall and low growing / creeping aquatic plants.

The 16" Floating plant island on the right combines :

  • Papyrus 'Little Giant'
  • Water Amaranth
  • Golden Moneywort
  • Golden Buttons

Other tall plants include:

  • Irises
  • Blue Rush
  • Zebra Rush
  • Corkscrew Rush

Great creeping plants include:

  • Var. Water Celery
  • Brooklime
  • Parrot's Feather
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