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New Pond Products For 2107

Find out more information about the great new pond products we have for your pond this year!

New Pond Products

Each year we strive to find the best new pond products on the market that are either more energy efficient, easier for you to use,  help you make your pond look its best, make it easier to maintain your pond or improve your fishes’ health.

Some of these products are new to the market, while others have been around for a few years but are new for us. Either way, we have a great selection of new pond pumps, UV clarifiers, pond treatments, koi food, LED lighting and more.

Here is some more information on a few of our new pond products

Oase 1/4 hp floating fountain with LED lights

These Oase 1/4 HP floating fountains will beautify any small natural backyard pond or large water garden up to 1/4 acre. They can be used in residential applications as well as entry-ponds. They are very energy efficient, using only 130 watts.

filtral UVC 700 all-in-one-filter oase

This all-in-one compact pump & filter with unit with integrated UV Clarifier guarantees clear, healthy pond water and can be easily set up completely and inconspicuously in ponds up to 700 gallons. 1200 gallon model also available.

rock and waterfall cleaner Aquascape 96055

Aquascape Rock & Fountain Cleaner will quickly remove any debris from waterfalls, streams and fountains. This fast-acting formula will treat up to 300 square feet and is safe for fish and plants.

waterfall pump oase

OASE pumps are designed with the latest technology making them energy efficient, durable and easy to install in you pond. Oase pumps create exquisite waterfalls, whether you prefer the water flow to provide a visual effect that embodies a “sheet”, “trickle” or “Niagara” style, Oase waterfall pump collection delivers flows from 1650 GPH up to 8000 GPH.

airmax ecoboost pond logic water clarifier

In natural ponds, Pond Logic® EcoBoost™ binds suspended organic particulate and locks up excess nutrients to keep your pond water clear and polished all season long. As it is not affected by water temperature, EcoBoost™ is as effective at assisting beneficial bacteria and improving fish health in the summer as it is in the cooler autumn months.

muckaway TL total lake sludge reducer 36 pound

MuckAway™ TL is a special blend of super concentrated natural, beneficial bacteria and enzymes designed to treat an entire lake or pond. MuckAway™ TL tablets go to work on contact to rapidly digest and transform organic waste into an odorless gas that escapes unnoticed out of the water column

Here are a few of the new products that we have available this year.

Oase Vitronic 9-Watt UV

vitronic 9W UV clarifier oase

Oase BioPress 1000

biopress uvc pressure filter oase

Twilight Blue Pond Dye - 4 pack

twilight blue pond dye pack pond logic

Oase LunaLED 6-Light Set

lunaled mini 6 light set oase

Oase BItron C 110-Watt UV Clarifier


Oase 8" Waterfall Spillway

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